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The Program Manager’s Guide to Evaluation

The Program Manager’s Guide to Evaluation Second Edition Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation Administration for Children and Families U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Contents WHY EVALUATE YOUR PROGRAM? Common concerns about evaluation Guidelines for conducting a successful evaluation About this manual WHAT IS PROGRAM EVALUATION? What are the basic questions an evaluation … Sigue leyendo

ILO policy guidelines for results-based evaluation: Principles, rationale, planning and managing for evaluations

ILO policy guidelines for results-based evaluation: Principles, rationale, planning and managing for evaluations International Labour Organization First published 2012 Contents 1. Principles and rationale for evaluation in the ILO 1.1 Evaluation in the ILO’s results-based management framework 1.2 Guiding principles of evaluation in the ILO 1.3 Evaluation in a changing development environment 1.4 The evaluation function … Sigue leyendo

Benefit-Cost analysis guide

BENEFIT-COST ANALYSIS GUIDE Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Contents 1. Introduction  1.1 Resource-allocation decisions Involve choices 1.2 Who is this guide for? 1.3 Why benefit-cost analysis? 1.4 Where benefit-cost analysis fits into the decision-making process 2. The benefit-cost analysis model  2.1 Introduction 2.2 The benefit-cost analysis framework 2.3 The steps in benefit-cost analysis 2.4 Why … Sigue leyendo

Ex Ante Evaluation: A practical guide for preparing proposals for expenditure programmes

Ex Ante Evaluation: A practical guide for preparing proposals for expenditure programmes December 2001 Contents INTRODUCTION WHY EX ANTE EVALUATION Supporting programme preparation Meeting formal requirements WHEN, WHO AND WHAT When? Who? What? HOW TO DO IT? Problem analysis and needs assessment Objective setting and related indicators Alternative delivery mechanisms and risk assessment Added value … Sigue leyendo

Multi-criteria analysis: a manual

Multi-criteria analysis: a manual Department for Communities and Local Government: London January 2009 Contents Chapter 1 The scope and objectives of this manual Chapter 2 Appraisal and evaluation in government 2.1 Introduction 2.2 The decision making process 2.3 Identifying objectives 2.4 Identifying options for achieving the objectives 2.5 Identifying the criteria to be used to compare … Sigue leyendo

Evaluation of Infrastructural Projects: Guide for Cost-Benefit Analysis

Evaluation of Infrastructural Projects: Guide for Cost-Benefit Analysis Section I: Main Report Research Programme on the economic Effects of Infrastructure Carel J.J. Eijgenraam Carl C. Koopmann Paul J.G. Tang A.C.P. (Nol) Verster Contents 1 Introduction 2 Research and Decision-making 2.1 Why an economic project appraisal? 2.2 The results of a cost-benefit analysis 2.3 Research during … Sigue leyendo

Developing a logic model: Teaching and training guide

Developing a logic model: Teaching and training guide February 2008 Ellen Taylor-Powell, PhD Distinguished Evaluation Specialist Ellen Henert Systems Design Specialist Content Sample logic model workshop agendas Glossary of common terms Frequently asked questions Text for learning peripherals Ice breakers Key resource list Download Bibliography

Developing an Effective Evaluation Plan

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) Contents Part I: Developing Your Evaluation Plan Who is the audience for this workbook? What is an evaluation plan? Why do you want an evaluation plan? How do you write an evaluation plan? What are the key steps in developing an evaluation plan using CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation? … Sigue leyendo

The 2002 User Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation

The 2002 User Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation Prepared under Contract REC 99-12175 by Joy Frechtling Westat with a special section by Henry Frierson, Stafford Hood and Gerunda Hughes CONTENTS Introduction References I Evaluation and Types of Evaluation 1. Reasons for Conducting Evaluations 2. Evaluation Prototypes The Different Kinds of Evaluation Formative Evaluation Summative Evaluation Evaluation Compared … Sigue leyendo

Good practice for including principles of Ex-Ante evaluation in the design of Cooperation Projects and programmes

CONTENTS 1. WHY EX ANTE EVALUATION IS INCLUDED IN THE FRAMEWORK FOR IDENTIFYING COOPERATION PROJECTS AND PROGRAMMES 1.1. Ex ante evaluation: a practice in the process of being mainstreamed within the Commission 1.2. Aid to the design and to the future evaluation of cooperation projects and programmes 2. CHECK-LIST FOR EX ANTE EVALUATIONS 2.1. List … Sigue leyendo