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Evaluation of Infrastructural Projects: Guide for Cost-Benefit Analysis

Evaluation of Infrastructural Projects: Guide for Cost-Benefit Analysis

Section I: Main Report Research Programme on the economic Effects of Infrastructure

Carel J.J. Eijgenraam

Carl C. Koopmann

Paul J.G. Tang

A.C.P. (Nol) Verster


1 Introduction

2 Research and Decision-making

2.1 Why an economic project appraisal?

2.2 The results of a cost-benefit analysis

2.3 Research during the decision-making process

3 Project Effects

3.1 Types of project effects

3.2 Valuation of project effects

4 Structure of the cost-benefit analysis

4.1 The core of the research

4.2 Sectional studies

5 Research aspects

5.1 The base case

5.2 Scenarios, risks and uncertainty

5.3 Direct effects and transport prognoses

5.4 Indirect effects

5.5 External effects

5.6 Distributive issues and employment effects

6 Step-by-step plan for economic project appraisal

6.1 Nine research steps

7. Return and uncertainty

7.1. Standards to determine the return of projects

7.2. Risk

7.3. Flexibility and phasing: real options

7.4. Conclusions and recommendations

8. Market and Competition analysis

8.1. Transport costs and transport demand

8.2. Transport benefits of the project

8.3. Generated traffic and locational benefits

8.4. Environment and competition

9. Indirect effects

9.1. Redistribution of welfare benefits

9.2. Welfare changes

9.3. Infrastructure and clusters

9.4. Employment, unemployment and income

9.5. Research methodology

9.6. Conclusions

10. External effects

10.1. What are external effects?

10.2. Method for valuing external effects

10.3. Methodological issues

10.4. The compensation issue

10.5. Conclusions and recommendations

11. Effects on income distribution

11.1. What is the relation between CBA and distributive and institutional aspects?

11.2. Individual and social valuation

11.3. Users and non-users

11.4. Negatively affected and not affected groups

11.5. Regions in the Netherlands

11.6. Public private partnerships (PPP)




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