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Utilization-focused evaluation (U-FE) Checklist

Utilization-focused evaluation (U-FE) Checklist Michael Quinn Patton January 2002 Utilization-Focused Evaluation (U-FE) begins with the premise that evaluations should be judged by their utility and actual use; therefore, evaluators should facilitate the evaluation process and design any evaluation with careful consideration of how everything that is done, from beginning to end, will affect use. Use … Sigue leyendo

Support to Sector Programmes

Support to Sector Programmes Covering the three financing modalities: Sector Budget Support, Pool Funding and EC project procedures July 2007 CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 2 THE BASICS OF SECTOR APPROACHES 2.1 Basic Concepts 2.2 Rationale for Sector Approaches 2.3 The Main Elements of a Sector Programme 2.4 Sector Policy and Strategy 2.5 Sector Budget … Sigue leyendo

Principles of activity design

Principles of activity design Australian Government Australian Agency for International Development – AusAID October 2005 Contents 1 Introduction 1.1 What is an activity design? 1.2 Design issues and lessons learned 2 Generic design principles 2.1 Scope of Analysis 2.2 Design documentation 2.3 Contracts and agreements 2.4 Managing design 2.5 Quality assurance 3 Designing different forms of aid … Sigue leyendo

Tool for Participatory Assessment in Operations

The UNHCR Tool for Participatory Assessment in Operations Legal publications 1 May 2006 Introductory note and table of contents Part I: Introduction Part II: Guiding principles Part III: Steps for conducting participatory assessment – overview Part III: Step 1 – Reviewing existing information Part III: Step 2 – Mapping diversity Part III: Step 3 – Methods of enquiry Part III: Step 4 – Selecting themes Part … Sigue leyendo

A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation

A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation Author:  Tina Nabatchi The Obama administration’s Open Government Initiative is now three years old. But is it making a difference?  Dr. Nabatchi’s report is a practical guide for program managers who want to assess whether their efforts to increase citizen participation in their programs are making a difference. … Sigue leyendo

El Modelo de Evaluación, Aprendizaje y Mejora (EVAM)

Modelo EVAM El Modelo de Evaluación, Aprendizaje y Mejora GUÍA DE EVALUACIÓN AGENCIA ESTATAL DE EVALUACIÓN DE LAS POLÍTICAS PÚBLICAS Y LA CALIDAD DE LOS SERVICIOS Ministerio de la Presidencia MADRID, 2009 El Modelo de Evaluación, Aprendizaje y Mejora (EVAM) , representa una metodología sencilla y asequible que permite conocer el nivel de calidad en la … Sigue leyendo

Guía para la gestión de quejas y sugerencias (Edición 2006)

Guía para la gestión de quejas y sugerencias (Edición 2006) MINISTERIO DE ADMINISTRACIONES PÚBLICAS MADRID, 2006 Una queja es una oportunidad de mejora. Esta es la concepción que debe tener una organización cuando recibe quejas y sugerencias. Una queja siempre es valiosa porque da información de primera mano sobre cómo es percibida por los usuarios … Sigue leyendo

Evaluation of Norwegian Health Sector Support to Botswana

Evaluation of Norwegian Health Sector Support to Botswana Published by Norad 4-Jan-2012 The comprehensive focus of Norwegian Assistance on primary health care development and systems development during Phase 1 had great significance in helping Botswana structure a health service that enabled greatly improved access to health care throughout Botswana. Download Part 1 Contents Introduction and … Sigue leyendo

Guidance on using the revised Logical Framework

Guidance on using the revised Logical Framework A DFID practice paper February 2009 The 2009 revision to the logframe format The principal changes to the logframe from the earlier (2008) 4×4 matrix are: The Objectively Verifiable Indicator (OVI) box has been separated into its component elements (Indicator, Baseline and Target), and Milestones added. Means of … Sigue leyendo

The Art and Architecture of Writing Evaluation Reports

The Art and Architecture of Writing Evaluation Reports Prepared by the Centre of Excellence for Evaluation Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat May 2004 Contents 1.0 Introduction to the Course 2.0 Rate Yourself 3.0 Long Before Writing the Evaluation Report, the Work Begins 4.0 The Role of the Evaluation Report 5.0 Exercise: Before You Start 6.0 … Sigue leyendo