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Estándares de evaluación en el Sistema de las Naciones Unidas

Estándares de evaluación en el Sistema de las Naciones Unidas Grupo de Evaluación de las Naciones Unidas (UNEG) 29 de abril de 2005 Contenido 1. Marco institucional y gestión de la función de evaluación Marco institucional Gestión de la función de evaluación 2. Competencias y ética Competencias Consideraciones éticas 3. Realización de evaluaciones Diseño Proceso … Sigue leyendo

Standards for Evaluation in the UN System

Standards for Evaluation in the UN System April 2005 United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) CONTENTS PREAMBLE INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK AND MANAGEMENT OF THE EVALUATION FUNCTION Institutional Framework Management of the Evaluation Function COMPETENCIES AND ETHICS Competencies Ethics CONDUCTING EVALUATIONS Design Process Selection of Team Implementation Reporting Follow up EVALUATION REPORTS Download

Principios de GpRD en acción: Libro de consulta de buenas prácticas recientemente identificadas

Principios de GpRD en acción: Libro de consulta de buenas prácticas recientemente identificadas Primera Edición Indice Parte 1. Conceptos, herramientas y principios de la GpRD Panorama general Conceptos y herramientas Efectos en el desarrollo Efectividad en el desarrollo Gestión del desempeño Principios de GpRD 1. Centrar el diálogo en los resultados en todas las fases … Sigue leyendo

MfDR Principles in Action: Sourcebook on Emerging Good Practices

EMERGING GOOD PRACTICE IN MANAGING FOR DEVELOPMENT RESULTS FIRST ISSUE Contents Part 1. MfDR Concepts, Tools and Principles Overview Concepts and Tools MfDR Principles Part 2. Examples of MfDR at the National Level Overview Chile: Management Control Systems and Results-Based Budgeting El Salvador: Results-Based Management for Evaluating Public Policy Tanzania: Harmonization of Results Reporting Timor-Leste: … Sigue leyendo

Developing a logic model: Teaching and training guide

Developing a logic model: Teaching and training guide February 2008 Ellen Taylor-Powell, PhD Distinguished Evaluation Specialist Ellen Henert Systems Design Specialist Content Sample logic model workshop agendas Glossary of common terms Frequently asked questions Text for learning peripherals Ice breakers Key resource list Download Bibliography

Global Monitoring Report 2012: Food Prices, Nutrition, and the Millennium Development Goals

Contents Chapter 1 Poverty and Food Price Developments Chapter 2 Nutrition, the MDGs and Food Price Developments Chapter 3 Growth and Macroeconomic Adjustment in Developing Countries Chapter 4 Using Trade Policy to Overcome Food Insecurity Chapter 5 Aid and International Financial Institutions Appendix: Classification of Economies by Region and Income, Fiscal 2012 Download

Evaluación económica de las intervenciones sanitarias

Evaluación económica de las intervenciones sanitarias Debiasing EQ-5D Tariffs. New estimations of the Spanish EQ-5D value set under nonexpected utility. José María Abellán Perpiñán*, Fernando Ignacio Sánchez Martínez, Jorge Eduardo Martínez Pérez e Ildefonso Méndez Martínez Universidad de Murcia ABSTRACT In this paper we focus on the important issue of the validity of EQ‐5D tariffs. Specifically, we present … Sigue leyendo

Evaluation Guidelines

ODA Evaluation Guidelines 5th Edition ODA Evaluation Division International Cooperation Bureau Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan February 2009 Contents BASIC CONCEPTS OF EVALUATION 1.1 Definition and Types of Evaluation 1.2 Objectives of Evaluation 1.3 Evaluation Standards· 1.4 Data Gathering and Analysis THE HISTORY OF EVALUATION 2.1 Origins of Evaluation 2.2 Development of Evaluation 2.3 Systemization … Sigue leyendo

Utilization-focused evaluation (U-FE) Checklist

Utilization-focused evaluation (U-FE) Checklist Michael Quinn Patton January 2002 Utilization-Focused Evaluation (U-FE) begins with the premise that evaluations should be judged by their utility and actual use; therefore, evaluators should facilitate the evaluation process and design any evaluation with careful consideration of how everything that is done, from beginning to end, will affect use. Use … Sigue leyendo

PRISM Tools User Guide

PRISM Tools User Guide Author(s): Aqil A, Lippeveld T, Moussa T, Barry A Year: 2012 Abstract: Performance of Routine Information System Management (PRISM) is a conceptual framework for strengthening routine health information systems (RHIS) through better data quality and improved information use. PRISM broadens the analysis of RHIS performance to include three key categories of determinants that affect … Sigue leyendo