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Study of Frameworks for Adaptation

Tracking Progress for Effective Action A Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation to Climate Change Author name: Sanahuja, Haris There are three parts of the report with numerous sub-sections and appendices.  In Part One, the functional structure of the framework is laid forth, primarily. Following, a background context is set with a general review of much of … Sigue leyendo

RTD Evaluation Toolbox

RTD Evaluation Toolbox – Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of RTD-Policies Strata Project HPV 1 CT 1999 – 00005 Edited by: Gustavo Fahrenkrog (JRC-IPTS), Wolfgang Polt (Joanneum Research), Jaime Rojo (Joanneum Research), Alexander Tübke (JRC-IPTS), Klaus Zinöcker (Joanneum Research) 295 Pag Contents FOREWORD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1. USER PERSPECTIVES 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Evaluation in the Policy Context … Sigue leyendo

Evaluating Communication Programmes, Products and Campaigns

Evaluating Communication Programmes, Products and Campaigns: 1 day training workshop for communication professionals Glenn O’Neil Schedule 1. Introduction & definitions 2. Five steps of evaluation 3. Campaign evaluation methodology 4. Programme evaluation methodology 5. Product evaluation methodology 6. Reporting on communications evaluation Download slides

Meta-Evaluation of Mitigation Evaluations

Meta-Evaluation of climate mitigation evaluations Author name: Dr. Woerlen, Christine Climate Change Evaluation Community of Practice c/o GEF Evaluation Office Washington D.C. The study is a systematization of the barrier removal framework, and an attempt to frame it as a general program theory of climate mitigation interventions. Christine applied the framework to two case studies, namely … Sigue leyendo

Country-led M&E Systems

Country-led M&E Systems. Better evidence, better policies, better development results Editor: Marco Segone Evaluation Office, UNICEF Headquarters – International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) International Organization for the Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) Contents Prefaces Editorial Part 1 Why country-led monitoring and evaluation systems? Enhancing evidence-based policy making through country-led monitoring and evaluation systems Evaluating development. Is the country the … Sigue leyendo

Quality and evaluation in voluntary and community organisations

Charities Evaluation Services Guidance paper 1: How to cost an evaluation Download Guidance paper 2: What to include in an evaluation brief Download Guidance paper 3: Key terms and definitions Download

Capturing Change In Women’s Realities

Capturing Change In Women’s Realities By Srilatha Batliwala and Alexandra Pittman This document provides a critique of current M&E frameworks and approaches as experienced by women’s organizations and movements worldwide along with an analysis of a large number of M&E frameworks and tools. Part I of this document provides a broad overview of common challenges … Sigue leyendo

The evaluation toolkit

The Evaluation Toolkit – Basic Concepts and Practices United States Department of Transportation – Federal Railroad Administration Overview What is evaluation? The Program Evaluation Standards The CIPP Model Context evaluation Input evaluation Process evaluation Product/outcome evaluation Download slides

Good practice in monitoring and evaluation for funders

Does your money make a difference? Good practice in monitoring and evaluation for funders Second edition Charities Evaluation Services Foreword Funders have a crucial role to play in the field of monitoring and evaluation. This ranges from their interaction with grantees to how they use and share learning more widely among funders and implementing agencies. In … Sigue leyendo

Organizational assessment. A Framework for Improving Performance

Organizational assessment.  A Framework for Improving Performance Charles Lusthaus, Marie-Hélène Adrien, Gary Anderson, Fred Carden, and George Plinio Montalván / x IDB, IDRC / 2002-01-01 ISBN: 0-88936-998-4 / 210 pg. e-ISBN: 1-55250-020-9 The inability of development agencies to understand and improve the performance of the organizations they support continues to impede progress in the developing world, even … Sigue leyendo