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Evaluation of EU IPA projects covering support under the young cell scheme

Organización: ARS Progetti

Position: 1 Senior Expert-35 working days

Country: Kosovo

Date line: 25/06/2012

Starting date: 23rd of July 2012

Duration: 46 days

General Objective

The primary objective of this interim evaluation is to provide relevant findings, conclusions and recommendations to the EU Office for reviewing its approach on planning and programming assistance to IPA beneficiaries for this particular type of project.

Based on the above, the evaluation will aim at providing relevant findings, conclusions and recommendations to strengthening and streamlining programming in the Public Administration Reform.


The specific objectives are:

  1. Providing an assessment of the logic of the intervention, including to which extent this type of assistance should be programmed and implemented. The evaluators will assess the impact of the project since its start in 2004. They will look at the overall number of the grants distributed, number of students working for the government, reasons behind failures and successes, including evaluation of the individual achievements of the students in the governmental institutions. Unintended impact of the project should also be highlighted.
  2. As the project has changed its approach with IPA 2007, by introducing a sector based grants the second objective is to provide a judgement on the performance of the project, particularly as regards its relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. This judgment is requested for the specific period since IPA 2007 up to date, when the project increased the number of the grants and initiated specific sector specialization.


The expert mobilized under this contract must:

• Have excellent communication and analytical skills
• Be proficient in report drafting in English and
• Have ability to work in a multicultural environment
Qualification and skills
• Bachelors Degree[1] (where a University degree has been awarded on completion of three years study in a University or equivalent institution) in Public Administration, Education, Economics, Law or other associated fields, or 7 years of professional experience (in addition to the minimum number of years of general professional experience required below) in Public Administration, Education, Economics, Law or other associated fields.
• Excellent command of written and spoken English.
General Professional experience
• At least 10 year and up to 20 years[2of experience related to the lot.

Specific Professional Experience

• Experience in at least 3 evaluations of EU pre-accession assistance at project or program level;


APPLY: Eugenia Pisani e-mail 



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