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Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy for AKFC’s Canadian Program

Organization: Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Closing date: 20 June

1.0 Purpose of Consultancy

AKFC requires the services of a Monitoring and Evaluation consultant(s) to provide expert advice and assistance in designing an innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective and gender-sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system and accompanying measurement tools; provide expert advice and recommendations to help operationalize the M&E system.

2.0 Background and Context

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) was established as a Canadian non‐profit international development agency in 1980. AKFC mobilizes Canadian financial, intellectual and technical resources to support the efforts of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) through wide‐ranging partnerships with the Canadian government, academic and civil society institutions, the private sector, and individual Canadians. In Canada, AKFC undertakes a variety of public engagement and learning initiatives designed to increase Canadians’ awareness of and intelligent involvement in international development. To date such activities have included research studies, roundtables, workshops, films, media publications, public events, seminar series and travelling exhibits.

Building on its strong history of research and learning, public engagement and overseas programming experience, AKFC will develop and implement an ambitious Canadian program over the next five to ten years. AKFC’s Public Engagement and Knowledge and Learning programs will invest in the capabilities of Canadians to become more effective development champions and actors. Among its Canadian target audiences, AKFC will raise awareness and increase knowledge of international development issues, approaches and best practices, create opportunities for meaningful participation, and contribute to increased support for Canadian development assistance.

An integral part of the Canadian Program will be a sound monitoring and evaluation system in order to monitor and assess the effectiveness of interventions and contribute to ongoing program learning and improvement. AKFC also seeks to contribute to an evidence-based understanding of the impact of public engagement and learning activities – particularly the extent to which various initiatives can influence thinking and behaviour and mobilize target audiences. Recognizing that measuring the impact of public engagement and learning initiatives is difficult, AKFC intends to use a combination of well- tested and innovative methods in order to assess the effectiveness of the program and contribute to the establishment of best practices in the assessment of public engagement and learning initiatives.

3.0 Scope of Consultancy and Expected Outputs

The consultant(s) will provide targeted expertise to design a monitoring and evaluation system for AKFC’s Public Engagement and Knowledge and Learning programs. Specifically, the consultant(s) will work directly with key AKFC Public Affairs staff to:

  • Conduct research to identify international best practices in public engagement and learning measurement;
  • Review Logic Model and recommend revisions and develop a Performance Measurement Framework (PMF), ensuring consistency with the overall PAHDAA Program Logic Model and PMF;
  • Develop measurement tools for selected indicators;
  • Draft a monitoring and evaluation strategy; and
  • Provide expert advice and recommendations to assist AKFC in operationalizing M&E system.

4.0 Consultant Qualifications

The consultant(s) should be a mid-career or senior professional with an advanced degree in a relevant field and have a minimum of 10 years of experience. The candidate(s) should bring to the position:

  • Experience in conceptualizing, designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems for public engagement and learning initiatives;
  • Knowledge and experience of international best practices in results-based monitoring and evaluation in the context of public engagement and learning programming;
  • Proven experience in designing monitoring and evaluation tools;
  • International development experience an asset; and
  • Outstanding written and interpersonal communications skills.

More information

6.0 Application Process

Consultants meeting the above criteria are invited to submit a proposal by e-mail to AKFC Human Resources at: humanresources@akfc.ca no later than June 20th, 2012.

Proposals should include the following:  CV of the consultant(s), outlining previous relevant experience and accomplishments;  A statement of interest, outlining the proposed approach, proposed schedule and the consultant’s

daily rate; and Please note that applications from individuals or teams will be considered for this assignment.



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