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Senior Evaluation Officer- Washington, DC

Organization: International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Job #: 120556

Title: Senior Evaluation Officer

Job Stream: Other

Location: Washington, DC

Closing Date: 03/27/2012

Background / General description:

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. We help developing countries achieve sustainable growth by financing investment, providing advisory services to businesses and governments, and mobilizing capital in the international financial markets. In fiscal 2011, amid economic uncertainty across the globe, we helped our clients create jobs, strengthen environmental performance, and contribute to their local communities—all while driving our investments to an all-time high of nearly $19 billion. For more information, visit http://www.ifc.org.

The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) is an independent unit within the World Bank Group; it reports directly to the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors. IEG’s mission is to improve development results through excellence in evaluation. IEG is directly responsible for assessing programs and activities; making recommendations to help improve the Bank’s Group development effectiveness; appraising the Bank Group’s self evaluation and development risk management systems; cooperating with the evaluation heads of other international financial institutions and development assistance agencies; and assisting developing countries to build effective monitoring and evaluation capacities, systems and associations. IEG also aims to improving Bank Group’s work by identifying and disseminating the lessons learned from experience.

IEG’s strategic directions – forging stronger links with WBG directions, responding rapidly to emerging issues, and promoting greater IEG integration – have been fully endorsed by the Executive Boards. To consolidate this progress, IEG has realigned its organizational structure as of January 1, 2011. This realignment is an evolutionary step, building on earlier changes, and is intended to strengthen IEG’s effectiveness through smoother work across boundaries, greater flexibility in deploying resources, and better sharing of lessons.

IEG seeks a Senior Evaluation Officer with knowledge of IFC or similar programs to join the Country, Corporate and Global Evaluation group (IEGCC). IEGCC is responsible for WBG country program evaluations, which cover both in-depth assessments of country programs (two or more such assessments, known as Country Program Evaluations, or CPEs, are conducted each year) as well as IEG reviews of self-assessments (known as Country Assistance Strategy Completion Report Reviews, or CASCRRs, of which some 20 are conducted each year). While most CASCRRs are desk reviews, a small number involve a mission to the country. The job holder will report to the Senior Manager of this group. In addition to the incumbent’s principal responsibility for assessments of IFC activities, s/ he will have occasion, if interested, to participate in assessments of World Bank and MIGA activities.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The Senior Evaluation Officer’s responsibilities and duties will include, but will not be limited to:

• Coordinating and conducting in-depth assessments of IFC programs, both investments and advisory services, in client countries;

• As part of larger team, possibly, as a team lead, undertaking other evaluations that may range from assessing World Bank Group support to a given country, sector, or program to assessing corporate initiatives;

• Assessing investment projects as well as technical assistance and advisory operations;

• Advising investment department teams responsible for preparing Expanded Project Supervision Reports (XPSRs), in good-practice execution and application of the XPSR guidelines, reviewing the XSPRs, preparing independent evaluations of their findings, and presenting IEG’s findings in related portfolio review meetings and dissemination presentations;

• Contributing to the continuous improvement of IEG’s guidelines for evaluating IFC programs and IFC’s self-evaluation guidelines;

• Mentoring and training other IEG staff in reviewing financial and economic analyses done for XSPRs, and more broadly in reviewing IFC activities and programs;

• Contributing to and possibly leading the preparation of IEG’s standard reports to the Board, such as reports on specific evaluations and IEG’s annual Results and Performance of the World Bank Group report, as well as the annual budget work program and budget document; and

• Making presentations to World Bank Group (WBG) staff or external audiences, drawing from IEG studies and evaluation findings.

• Evaluations may involve extensive operational travel not expected to exceed about 4-5 weeks per year.

Selection Criteria:

The successful candidate is required to have the following minimum qualifications, skills, motivation and personal attributes:

• A post-graduate degree with concentration in economics or a related discipline (PhD, MBA);

• A minimum of 8 years of operational experience in one or more of: (a) an IFC investment; (b) a WBG private sector development-related operational area; (c) another international financial institution with private sector operations; or (d) a private sector evaluation area with international operations;

• Clarity and succinctness in spoken and written English; good English report writing skills;

• Demonstrated hands-on analytical track record and competency with statistical packages; higher user productivity in standard Windows-based office software;

• Maturity, seasoned judgment based on solid analytical work, intellectual integrity, diligence and professional enthusiasm for adding value through evaluation work;

• Tact, effective interpersonal skills (with particular skills in conflict resolution situations), effective presentation skills, a team player, positive outlook and disposition, dedicated to helping the World bank Group achieve its mission;

• Willingness to travel to developing countries.

The following are not strictly required but are positive factors:

• WBG or private sector work experience in a developing country;

• Strong analytical and methodological skills, innovation and experience in executing high-quality projects or evaluations at the project, country or thematic level;

• Experience in designing, managing, conducting, analyzing and reporting data from survey instruments, focus groups, observation forms, records and so forth.

Only online applications are accepted. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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