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2 Senior Experts – Evaluators

Organization: Euronet consulting

Description of the position: 2 Senior Experts – Evaluators

Contract: Short-term

Location: ACP countries

Project title: Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project “Capacity-Building Related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) in ACP countries”

Duration: 120 working days

Closing date: 18 March 2012


1. To provide a Rapid Response, under a tight deadline, to a limited number of very specific questions that are relevant for DEVCO’s preparation of the Action Fiche for MEAs Phase2.

2. To provide the decision-makers in the ACP Secretariat, the relevant external cooperation services of the EC and the wider public with an overall independent assessment about the performance of ACP MEAs, paying particular attention to the impact of the programme actions against its objectives.

3. To identify key lessons from this programme and to propose practical recommendations for follow-up actions, as feasible during the remaining life of the various project components.

Expert profile

The team of experts should cover the following fields of expertise:

  • solid and diversified experience in the fields of environment in developing countries, with preference for special familiarity with MEAs;
  • experience working on regional projects;
  • experience in evaluation of projects;
  • in-depth knowledge of project evaluation methods and techniques;
  • familiarity with the principles and working methods of PCM and EC aid delivery methods;
  • experience in the ACP regions;

One expert should be designed as Team Leader. Both experts should have excellent report writing skills and have a full working knowledge of English. At least one expert should have a full working knowledge of French.

The composition of the team of experts should be balanced to enable complete coverage of the different aspects of project evaluation (evaluation methods and techniques) as set out in terms of reference, including cross-cutting issues.

Experts who have been involved in the design or implementation of projects covered by this evaluation are excluded from the assignment.

Contact: Qualified candidates should address their CV in EC format and English language per e- mail to Mr. Petrit Doberdolani. Please indicate your fee expectations, as well as a reference for all missions carried out within the last 5 years. You can use the following CV template. Please note that only the selected candidates will be contacted.



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