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Study of Frameworks for Adaptation

Tracking Progress for Effective Action

A Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation to Climate Change

Author name: Sanahuja, Haris

There are three parts of the report with numerous sub-sections and appendices.  In Part One, the functional structure of the framework is laid forth, primarily. Following, a background context is set with a general review of much of the present thinking, in terms of conceptual discussions.  Further, Part One looks at common visions and overall methodologies related to M&E for ACC.  Part Two examines key challenges and opportunities for monitoring and evaluating adaptation to climate change.  Part Three is highly practical, and presents ideas behind like-minded and key frameworks for M&E for ACC and several methodological case studies, looking at the commonalities from nine national adaptation frameworks, and concludes the main body of the report with summary remarks. The Appendices include a Compilation of Case Studies, with nine examples of National Frameworks for Adaptation, the elements of National Adaptation Plans of Action (NAPA´s), as in accordance with the IPCC / UNFCCC processes, a number of sub-national relevant case studies, and then highlights regarding key stakeholder groups. A directory of related websites is also included in the appendices.



PART ONE – Background and Conceptual Discussions on M&E of ACC

1. Introduction and Methodology

2. Setting the Context

3. Visions and Methodologies for Monitoring and Evaluation in a Changing

PART TWO –Key Challenges and Opportunities for M&E of ACC

4. Summary Points of Key Conceptual and Practical Challenges and Opportunities in Monitoring and Evaluating ACC

5. BuildingonExistingProgrammesandStrategies–Ideasbehindlike-minded and key frameworks for M&E of ACC

6. Capacity Development for Strategic Action Planning for Monitoring & Evaluation of Adaptation to Climate Change with Guiding Questions and Sample Indicators

7. Adaptation Applied – Commonalities from Nine National Adaptation Frameworks

8. Summary Remarks


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