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National Consultant, Cities and Climate Change Initiative mid-term evaluation

Organization: ONU Habitat Ecuador

Duty station: Ecuador (primarily Esmeraldas)

Functional title: National Consultant, Cities and Climate Change Initiative mid-term evaluation

Duration: 15 March – 15 June 2012

Closing date: 5 March 2012


Climate change is now recognized as one of the key challenges of the 21st century. To address the effect of climate change upon cities in developing countries, in August 2008 UN-Habitat, with the generous support of the Government of Norway, launched its Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI). CCCI started work in four cities: Maputo, Mozambique; Kampala, Uganda; Sorsogon City, Philippines; Esmeraldas, Ecuador, along with undertaking certain normative activities such as developing a series of global capacity-building tools.

In the three-plus years since then, CCCI has expanded and evolved. Operationally CCCI has expanded so that currently it is active in more than 20 cities. Additionally the Initiative’s normative role has deepened and evolved to support activities within a rapidly changing policy landscape. To strengthen operational work and build support for normative activities, UN-Habitat has forged alliances and undertaken joint activities with a series of key actors.

To carry out this broad range of activities, UN-Habitat has mobilised additional resources from various sources to support CCCI, for a total of about US$ 7 million between 2008 and 2011. These supplemental resources include funds from the UN Development Account to support work in an additional five cities in Africa, and a grant from Cities Alliance to fund a Joint Work Programme between UNEP, the World Bank and UN-Habitat on cities and climate change.

To date CCCI has carried out its activities under two programmatic phases, and currently is preparing its third phase, as follows:

Phase             Period

I                        August 2008 – December 2009

II                       January 2010 – December 2011

III (planned)    January 2012 – December 2013

Based on experiences to date, CCCI has prepared to enter its Phase III by developing a slightly revised logical framework that brings expected outcomes into closer alignment with the Agency’s Medium-term Strategic and Institutional Plan (MTSIP), strengthening its results based management, developing roll-out strategies for Asia and Africa, working to clarify the Initiative’s comparative advance and so on.

The planned mid-term review thus comes at an opportune moment – to help UN-Habitat and CCCI consolidate achievements to date while planning for a systematic expansion of activities; to achieve maximum synergy between normative and operational activities; to engage ever more constructively with key actors on vital policy issues.


The mid-term evaluation will be led by a senior international consultant who will serve as Team Leader. The team will also include three National Consultants who under the supervision of the Team Leader will undertake and facilitate participatory in-depth assessments of CCCI activities in their respective countries. Those three countries (and cities) are as follows: Ecuador (Esmeraldas), Uganda (Kampala), and Sri Lanka (Negombo, with a lesser degree of attention to Batticaloa). Per his Terms of Reference, in consultation with the Urban Planning and Design Branch and the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit and per UN rules and regulations, the Team Leader is to select and supervise the national consultants who will undertake in-depth national/city-level reviews in the countries noted above. To help ensure independence and the credibility of the exercise, neither the Team Leader nor the national consultants will have been associated with the operational or normative activities of the programme.


– Facilitating results-oriented workshops and interviews with multiple stakeholders and counterparts

– Evaluating development programmes/projects (highly preferred)


– An advanced degree (masters or equivalent), preferably in urban planning, international development or a related discipline


In addition to the experience in facilitation and project evaluation suggested above, the

successful candidate will have: – More than 10 years of experience in urban and/or local government issues, including

capacity-building; experience in the urban environment, natural hazard risk reduction, and/or

climate change issues is highly preferred – In-depth experience in target country is essential; comparative experience in one or more

additional developing countries is preferable – Experience with programmes implemented or funded by international donors and/or UN

agencies is essential.


– Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills, both in English as well as in a relevant national language, as well as skills as a team player, are essential


Payments will be based on deliverables over the consultancy period. We anticipate a total of five weeks level of effort for the National Consultant, spread over the duration of the assignment of three months (15 March – 15 June 2012). There are set remuneration rates for consultancies. The rate is determined by functions performed and experience of the consultant. The fees will be paid as per agreement.


Full terms of reference, which in addition to expanded versions of the discussion above also include: objectives of the mid-term evaluation, outputs, work plan, payment schedule, illustrative table of contents and so on, will be provided to the finalist candidate.

Applications should include:

  • Cover memo (maximum 1 page)
  • Summary CV (maximum 2 pages), indicating the following information:

1. Educational Background (incl. dates)

2. Professional Experience (assignments, tasks, achievements, duration by years/ months)

3. Other Experience and Expertise (e.g. Internships/ voluntary work, etc.)

4. Expertise and preferences regarding location of potential assignments

5. Expectations regarding remuneration

All applications should be submitted by email to:

Ms. Jayne Kimani


Email: jayne.kimani@unhabitat.org

Please put the following text in the subject box of your email: National consultant for CCCI mid-term

evaluation: ECUADOR

Please be advised that since April 15th 2010, applicants for consultancies must be part of the

UN-HABITAT e-Roster in order for their application to be considered. You can reach the e-Roster

through the following link: http://e-roster.unhabitat.org

Deadline for applications: 5 March 2012

UN-HABITAT does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions concerning persons or companies claiming to be

recruiting on behalf of these offices and requesting the payment of a fee, please contact: recruitment@unon.org



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