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Good practice in monitoring and evaluation for funders

Does your money make a difference? Good practice in monitoring and evaluation for funders

Second edition

Charities Evaluation Services


Funders have a crucial role to play in the field of monitoring and evaluation. This ranges from their interaction with grantees to how they use and share learning more widely among funders and implementing agencies.

In the London Funders Research and Evaluation Group, a wide range of funders grapple with questions about what information they should collect, what the jargon means, and how they can measure their contribution to social change.

At The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, being a spend out organisation has given us a fresh perspective. When accountability needs have been satisfied, we ask why we would want to evaluate a piece of work, and what we will do with the learning.

This updated guide from CES challenges assumptions that funders should always try to measure everything and that social change can necessarily be pinned down by ever more complex monitoring and evaluation frameworks. At the same time it encourages funders to take the opportunity, not only to satisfy accountability requirements through proportionate monitoring and evaluation, but to add value to its funding of the work of the voluntary sector.

This guide is a welcome and helpful encouragement to us, as funders, to challenge assumptions, improve our monitoring and evaluation and embrace a flexible culture of learning to make our funding as efficient and effective as possible.



Part one: the elements of good practice

Chapter 1 What does it mean to monitor and evaluate funding?

Chapter 2 Influences on how funders monitor and evaluate

Chapter 3 What monitoring and evaluation good practice looks like

Part two: engaging for better impact

Chapter 4 Intelligent funding

Chapter 5 Useful monitoring and evaluation

An explanation of terms

Further reading





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