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Training Effectiveness Evaluator, Monitoring and Evaluation/Mexico Rule of Law III, Mexico

Organization: Management Systems International

Location: Mexico

Project/Proposal Summary: 

The USAID/Mexico-funded program entitled “Mexico Rule of Law III: Justice and Security Program” arises from the Merida Initiative objective to prevent and eradicate organized crime. The Program efforts seek to strengthen public transparency, accountability, and oversight, thereby reducing the transnational threats of trafficking of arms, humans, drugs and money laundering that affect both Mexico and the United States. The Program will also support Mexican implementation of criminal justice reforms, professionalization of law enforcement officials, and bring Mexico in-line with the global anti-corruption standards set forth in the U.N. Convention against Corruption and the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.

Position Summary: 
Under the general supervision of the Program Office Director (POD), the incumbent will be responsible for applying the methodology developed by MSI to measure changes in the performance of Program trainees, in coordination with the technical teams and government counterparts. He/she will in particular:

• Develop a workplan to achieve the goals and objectives of the consultancy. The workplan will be subject to the approval of the POD and should include a GANTT chart with milestones that include consultant deliverables.
• Specify the workplan detail to assess the impact of all training programs. The specified workplan will be subject to USAID approval
• Select experimental and control groups, develop and pilot tests, analyze pilot results, adjust the tests’ content in accordance to the findings of the pilot analysis, apply the tests in the field, analyze and evaluate the field test results, and recommend adjustments to training methods and materials based on the results of the field test analysis and evaluation.
• Develop test content, in close cooperation with the in-country technical staff. The tests should determine which operator behaviors are key for reform success, which justice sectors operators should be trained by Program staff, and what methodology should be used in testing each type of justice sector operator.
• Develop a plan to obtain internal compliance reviews by the cooperating counterpart institutions. The reviews should analyze what has been learned and how operator behavior has changed and will serve as a more immediate feedback on training impact for counterpart institutions. The plan be designed in close collaboration with state implementation commissions (state SETECs) and the training entities in each institution, as this type of monitoring is an inherently governmental function.
• Prepare final report of the evaluations carried out.

Consultancy Length

Not-to-exceed 80 days. Approximately 50% in Mexico

Education and Experience
1. Seven years experience in program evaluation. Experience in evaluation of education or training programs preferred;
2. Master’s degree, preferably in political or other social sciences, law or alternatively, an equivalent combination of relevant training and field experience in Mexico or other Latin American countries;
3. Experience liaising with technical teams.

1. Excellent knowledge of monitoring and evaluation concepts;
2. Good knowledge of how to evaluate education or training programs;
3. Proven excellent writing and communication skills in English;
4. Strong strategic and analytical thinking;
5. Familiarity with the justice sector in Mexico, Colombia or Chile an advantage;
6. Ability to communicate with colleagues, counterparts and/or partners in a professional manner;
7. Ability to understand written legal, and other technical documents related to the justice reform;
8. Ability to work under pressure and under tight deadlines;
9. Personal commitment, flexibility, efficiency and drive for results;
10. Ability to be a good team player.

1. Fluency in Spanish (written and oral), bilingual preferred;
2. Proven excellent writing and communication skills in English.

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