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Programme Evaluation Manual

The Evaluation and Inspection Division (IED) of OIOS is pleased to announce the launching of an online manual titled Managing for Results: A Guide to Using Evaluation in the Secretariat.

The manual has been compiled as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the use of monitoring and evaluation as foreseen in the Secretary-General’s “Agenda for Further Change” (A/57/387).

The Manual is organized in five modules covering the following:

Module I: Evaluation in the United Nations Secretariat
Module II: Evaluation planning
Module III: Mandatory Self-assessments
Module IV: Discretionary Self-evaluations
Module V: Collecting and Analyzing Data

It has been designed primarily for use by managers and staff of the UN Secretariat involved in evaluations and conducting Mandatory Self-Assessments as required by the programme budget logical frameworks. It also provides guidance on the planning and implementation of Discretionary Self-Evaluations in conformity with regulation 7.2 of ST/SGB/2000/8 of 19 April 2000 “Regulations and Rules Governing Programme Planning, the Programme Aspects of the Budget, the Monitoring of Implementation and the Methods of Evaluation.”

The Manual contains templates, tips and hyperlinks to resources within the UN system and outside that will be of use to those involved in conducting evaluations. This manual has been compiled by the IED team and it is envisaged that it will be periodically updated to keep current with developments. We welcome comments and suggestions which should be e-mailed to ied@un.org.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NEW MANUAL REPLACES THE EVALUATION MANUAL ISSUED AND POSTED PREVIOUSLY ON THE IED WEBSITE. However, the text of the old manual continues to be available as a resource for those particularly interested in techniques and methods used by OIOS during the conduct of external evaluations.




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