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Evaluating EU expenditure programmes: A guide

Ex post and Intermediate Evaluation

XIX/02 – Budgetary overview and evaluation Directorate-General XIX – Budgets European Commission

First edition, January 1997

Table of contents

The first evaluation

1. Introduction

  • What is evaluation?
  • Why are programme evaluations conducted?
  • The evaluation of EU programmes

2. Key concepts and definitions

  • What can be evaluated?
  • What issues are raised by evaluations?
  • Who is involved in the evaluation?
  • What types of evaluations are there?

3. Preparing and managing evaluations

  • Establishing a management structure
  • Elaborating the evaluation project
  • Drawing up the terms of reference

4. Conducting evaluations

  • Introducing evaluation designs
  • Data collection techniques
  • Data analysis techniques

5. Reporting and disseminating evaluations

  • Maximizing the use of evaluations
  • The presentation of the evaluation report
  • The dissemination of evaluations




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