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Asking the right questions: monitoring and evaluating climate adaptation

We are still at an early stage in understanding how best to adapt to future climate change, how vulnerability can be most effectively reduced and resilience enhanced, and what the characteristics of a well-adapting society might be. Learning what works well (or not), in which circumstances and for what reasons, is critical. Effective monitoring and evaluation of adaptation can therefore play a crucial role. 

This webinar by Patrick Pringle introduces UKCIP’s new monitoring and evaluation resource, the AdaptME Toolkit, which was developed in response to a growing demand for practical support in evaluating adaptation progress and performance. AdaptME does not seek to provide a comprehensive evaluation framework as it is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to evaluating adaptation.  Instead, the Toolkit raises key questions which can be used by practitioners to examine adaptation interventions and the assumptions and logic which underpin them.  It also considers the factors which can make evaluating adaptation particularly challenging and provides responses and resources which can help overcome such challenges.

Patrick Pringle joined UKCIP in 2010. His recent work has included leading the development of UKCIP’s monitoring and evaluation toolkit, ‘AdaptME’ and visiting Taiwan to provide adaptation advice to a range of national and regional bodies. Prior to joining UKCIP, Patrick spent nearly 10 years working as management consultant working for a variety of clients including the World Bank, IFC, European Commission, DFID and other UK Government Departments, Local Authorities and Civil Society organisations.

When? Monday 27 February 2012
05 – 06 AM New York and Washington, DC
10 – 11 AM London, Lagos and Tunis
05 – 06 PM in Bangkok, Jakarta and Phnom Penh
06 – 07 PM in Kuala Lumpur, Manila & Bandar Seri Begawan

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