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Global Evaluations Sourcebook

The purpose of the indicative principles and standards contained in this Sourcebook is to help improve the independence and quality of program-level evaluations of GRPPs in order to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the programs. The principal audiences for the Soucebook are the governing bodies and management units of GRPPs, as well as professional evaluators involved in the evaluation of these programs. It is also hoped that these principles and standards will heighten awareness and help advocate for improved evaluation of GRPPs among higher-level policy makers in both aid agencies and developing countries.

The Sourcebook draws extensively on work that has previously been done by the DAC Evaluation Network, the United Nations Evaluation Group, the Evaluation Cooperation Group of the Multilateral Development Banks, evaluation associations, and others to develop principles, norms, and standards for evaluating development assistance programs, projects, and activities. It also draws on IEG’s experience in reviewing GRPPs over the last few years as well as the feedback that was received at a Stakeholder Consultative Workshop held for this purpose in Paris in September 2006.

At the present stage, the Sourcebook has not been formally endorsed by the World Bank or the OECD/DAC Evaluation Network. The publication of the Sourcebook in its present form represents the beginning of a period of practical application, use and review in order to inform and further improve it before eventual formal endorsement.

Therefore, both IEG and the OECD/DAC Evaluation Network encourage those who use the Sourcebook to provide feedback based on their experience.

The principles and standards that have been adapted and applied to the evaluation of GRPPs are contained primarily in Chapters 2 through 7 on evaluation governance and process issues. IEG’s experience with reviewing GRPPs is primarily reflected in Chapters 9 through 15 on evaluation content and criteria issues. The remaining chapters – 8, 16, and 17 – are primarily checklists that have been derived from existing principles and standards documents

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