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Experienced Evaluators for Evaluation of Danida’s Fellowship Programme

Organization: SIPU International

Duration: 6 months

Expected Start: March 2012

Donor: Danida

Status: Tender stage

Description and background:

The Fellowship Programme supports Capacity Development (CD) in developing countries (primarily, but not solely, Danida’s partner countries) by organizing and/or implementing CD support in terms of courses, studies, research, study tours, seminars, etc. in Denmark as well as in developing countries – nationally as well as regionally. The support includes interdisciplinary courses, tailor-made courses, degree studies, strategic initiatives and study/exposure tours, with a duration varying from 2 weeks to full master or PhD programmes.

The overall purpose of the evaluation is to document and assess the supported activities and the related results, with an aim to contribute to both accountability and learning. To this end, it must assess the different achievements of the programme, as well as the framework and processes for accomplishing the results.

The evaluation is expected to apply the OECD-DAC evaluation criteria, with the emphasis on relevance, effectiveness and efficiency. An important part of the evaluation is expected to be a fitness-for-purpose assessment, investigating if and how the activities are likely to lead to the expected outcomes and impact both at the level of the individual activities and at the level of the programme as a whole; including the role of possible enabling and hindering factors, framework conditions etc. For more information, please view the Terms of Reference

The evaluation team will consist of 2-3 consultants

Qualifications of the Team Leader:

General experience:

  • Relevant higher academic degree.
  • A profile with major emphasis on development issues, with preferably 10 years or more of relevant professional experience from development cooperation, including education/training and/or capacity development issues.
  • Experience as team leader for multi-disciplinary teams (at least three references), including multi-country evaluations.
    Specific experience:
  • Extensive experience in evaluation of development assistance (preferably three or more references), including evaluations in relation to capacity development and/or training and education activities.
  • Extensive knowledge on and experience from establishing evaluation approaches and application of evaluation methods, including theory based evaluations, contribution analysis and mixed methods evaluation.
  • Country experience and language:
  • Experience from different development countries, including Danida partner countries
  • Fluent in English

Qualifications of other team members:

General experience:

  • Relevant higher academic degree
  • Profile with major emphasis with preferably 5 years or more of relevant professional experience from a) development cooperation issues including experience with evaluations or b) support to education, training and capacity development, also in relation to development cooperation.

Specific experience (to be covered by one or more of the proposed international team members and/or the team-leader):

Evaluation and methodology:

  • Substantial experience with qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, including sampling issues collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and data triangulation.
  •   Experience with evaluation of institutional and capacity development efforts, in relation to both overall development needs and specific organizational needs.
  •   Experience with evaluation of education and training activities and organisations carrying out such activities.
  • Capacity development and training/education:
  • Extensive knowledge of  the role of capacity strengthening  in relation to development; preferably including needs assessments and approaches to capacity strengthening in relation to organisational needs, tasks or specific issues.
  •   Extensive knowledge on and experience with overall planning, organization and management of institutions for and/or portfolios of training and education, preferably from capacity strengthening for development from developing countries and donor countries.
  • Knowledge of and experience with implementation of relevant types of training and education activities, preferably including issues of learning environment and education quality enhancement, pedagogical/didactic issues and skill transfer.
  • Country experience and language:
  • Working experience from a range of different Danish partner countries, preferably including Uganda and Ghana
  • Fluent in English


To apply, please send an updated CV to Daniel Stendahl by Thursday the 9th of February.
We prefer to receive applications as soon as possible.



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