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Final Evaluation – Grant Contract of Capacity Building Institutional Support of Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ)

Organization: Particip GmbH

Status: Tender

Project title: Final Evaluation – Grant Contract of Capacity Building Institutional Support of Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ)

Position: Senior Expert

Region: Latin America & Caribbean

Country: Trinidad, Tobago

Financing organization: EC

Duration of assignment: 17 working days

Deadline: Feb 6, 2012


Job description

Global objective:

The overall objective of the assignment is to conduct a final evaluation of the project.

Specific objectives:

Specific objectives will be to:

(a) Assess the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Project Management

(b) Review the Relevance and Effectiveness of Project Activities and Outcomes

(c) Assess Progress with Partnerships

(d) Assess the Impact of Resource Availability

(e) Assess the Effectiveness of Implementation Arrangements

(f) Draw lessons learnt and make recommendations concerning the overall sustainability of the project.

 Job requirements

The contractor shall specify the qualifications and experience of the specialist who will carry out the assignment. Service of one Senior Expert with the following minimum requirements is requested:

  • At least 10 years of research experience in the field of judicial services, with an emphasis on reform of the judiciary and constitutional affairs
  • Sound knowledge of Caribbean Constitutional Law and Public law
  • Professional knowledge and experience in similar funded projects
  • Working knowledge of the Caribbean, particularly the CARICOM member states
  • Professional experience in project management with specific experience in analysis,evaluation and research of donor spurred projects in general

Language: The working language shall be in English

Project manager Katharina Möhlendick (apply online)



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