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Consultoría Internacional para la Evaluación Final del Programa RW Siaga Plus + / Mercy Corps

Tracking code: 211714-927

País: Indonesia (Jakarta)

Organización: Mercy Corps

Duración: 21 días

                            Period: Starting Date September 5, 2011

Estimated work load: Maximum 12 days.

Duty stations:  Jakarta

Inception report submission on : September 7, 2011

Draft report submission on: September 13, 2011

Workshop report on: September 14, 2011

Final report submission on: September 16, 2011

Aplicación: International Consultant for Final Evaluation of RW Siaga Plus + Program

Organizational Context

Purpose: In the RW Siaga Plus+ Program, Mercy Corps aims to address the complex underlying causes of malnutrition in urban poor settlements by building healthy physical environments, cultivating positive social contexts, and strengthening supportive economic relationships that facilitate access to and utilization of affordable adequate nourishment. This project will contribute to healthy physical environments in urban poor settlements by increasing access to clean water supplies and improved sanitation, services that are necessary to reduce the incidence of infectious disease, one of the main underlying causes of malnutrition. Building on the core capacities, government relationships, and lessons learned developed through the DAP program, this project will also continue to address the social constraints to improved nutrition, increasing awareness and social support for new behaviors through the existing Ministry of Health RW Siaga program. Both the hardware and the software interventions will be integrated with existing government priorities and programs, in particular the RW Siaga health program, allowing for significant building of capacity and improving the chances for government replication and scaling.  The program will also be timed to coincide with the Musrenbang government budget allocation process, supporting the potential for communities to seek matching funds and promoting the sustainability of the project intervention

Goal: The overall aim of the project is improved health and nutrition of residents in poor urban communities in Jakarta and Bekasi through increased household access to clean water supplies and improved sanitation.

Access to water supply and sanitation services is crucial to preventing the infectious diseases that are a major cause of child mortality and malnutrition in Indonesia.

Objectives:  By the end of the 24 month project, Mercy Corps expects that:

  1. 1,400 households (approximately 7,000 individuals) have access to and utilize improved sanitation facilities.
  2. 30,000 households within target area have access to safe water
  3. 30,000 caregivers of children under five practice appropriate hygiene and nutrition behaviors.
  4. All target communities take responsibility for at least one component of the integrated RW Siaga+ program in the second year of intervention, in preparation for replicating the full model after program end.


Project Area: RW Siaga+ is being implemented in three kelurahan in West Jakarta, and one kelurahan in Bekasi. The project areas were selected based on density, poverty, and vulnerability, as well as potential for integration into existing government programs. In West Jakarta: Kelurahan Pekojan and Kelurahan Duri Utara, both are located in kecamatan Tambora and in Kecamatan Cengkareng: Kelurahan Duri Kosambi. For Kota Bekasi, Kecamatan Bekasi Timur: Kelurahan Margahayu

Functions/Key Results Expected


The Consultant shall assume and play the following responsibilities and functions in achieving the results stipulated below:

  1. Act as the technical lead person and support resource person in the evaluation of RW Siaga Plus+(upon signing of the contract) and as Principal Facilitator in the Evaluation of RW Siaga Plus+ program;
  2. Prepare a Final Evaluation plan document and submit to Mercy Corps;
  3. Undertake desktop review and assessment of the RW Siaga Plus+ program implementation and submitted the result in the RW Siaga Plus+ achievement from 2 years implementation Report;
  4. Undertake field visit to relevant stake holders to assess program result , impact and document the lesson from program implementation;
  5. Assess/evaluate program strategy and implementation to link the program implementation with the local government development into account the need for engaging with City/Local government development plan especially for City/Urban Water and Sanitation Development Strategy;
  6. Develop/produce lesson learn documents from RW Siaga Plus+ Program implementation;
  7. Produce Draft Report on RW Siaga Plus+ Evaluation Report based on document review, lesson learned and field visit assessment;
  8. Prepare and conduct a well Final Evaluation Result Workshop presentation;
  9. Submit a complete Final Report RW Siaga Plus+ Evaluation Report based on document review and field visit assessment to Mercy Corps.

Impact of Results

This assignment is expected to result in clear understanding and articulation of the RW Siaga Plus+ program result and lesson learned from the program implementation.



  1. Final Evaluation Plan document
  2. Inception report document of RW Siaga Plus+ achievement from 2 years implementation based on desk top review, analysis and synthesis of relevant literature/project documents (Due on early September, 2011)
  3. Draft Report document of RW Siaga Plus+ Evaluation Report including the result of desk top review, lesson learned and the field visit assessment.
  4. Workshop Presentation on RW Siaga Plus+ Final Evaluation
  5. Final Report documents of RW Siaga Plus+ Evaluation Report



  • Substantive knowledge and understanding of local development planning and decentralization in Indonesia;
  • Substantive knowledge and understanding of urban water and sanitation development and behavior change communication intervention;
  • Sound technical expertise and experience in data collecting and analysis for evaluation.


Recruitment Qualifications

Education: A Masters Degree in Evaluation, Development Economics, Development Planning and related Social Sciences discipline.


  • Minimum five years of experience in program evaluation especially in WatSan and behavior change intervention;
  • Good knowledge of district planning systems and its interaction and relationship with other national development policies, programmes and instruments;
  • In-depth knowledge of development data gathering, analysis in relation to water and sanitation development and behavior change intervention.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English required.
  • Fluency or knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is added advantage


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